Oosterbeek and surrounding area

Hartenstein This monument stands next to the Airborne museum Hartenstein in Oosterbeek. The monument was erected by the veterans of the 1st Airborne division. The monument honors the dutch people of Gelderland. The citizens where very willing to help the Airborne soldier, often with danger for their own life.

Airborne Column The column stands across the road from the Airborne Museum "Hartenstein".

Museum route The Airborne museum in Oosterbeek has set out several routes starting at the museum. Along the routes you can find descriptions with pictures taken at the exact spot.
This sign indicates the postion of a morter crew in the woods right outside the Airborne museum terrain.      

Old Church in Oosterbeek The church was one of the last strongholds for the British before the remainder of their forces retreated across the Rhine. The monument stands next to the church. In the garden of the church stands on of the four pillars for the 3rd brigade.
There is a commemorative bench on the outside of the church and Inside you will find many more small commemorative plaques.

Pillars for 4th Brigade Four pillars stand on the positions where men of the 4th Brigade fought their battles.
The top pillars stands next to the old Church of Oosterbeek and the other one stands in front of a house on the Utrechtseweg in Oosterbeek.

Air dispatcher Monument Located next to the Airborne cemetery in Oosterbeek is the air dispatcher monument. These men gave their lives dropping supplies for the airborne soldiers at Arnhem.

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