437th Troop Carrier Group History

The following squadrons where part of the 437th TCG:
  • 83rd Squadron
  • 84th Squadron
  • 85th Squadron
  • 86th Squadron
  • The 437th was activated on 1 May 1943. The 437th was moved to England in January and February 1944, just before the invasion.

    After it's arrival the 437th started it's preparation for the invasion in combination with the other Troop Carrier groups. The 437th towed gliders into Normandy on D-day.

    After D-day the 437th flew supply missions for the airborne soldiers. In July a detachment of the group was send to Italy. This detachement took part in the invasion of Southern France on 15 August.

    The detachment rejoined the 437th ten days later. The group took part in operation Market Garden. The 437th towed gliders for the 101st Airborne division into Holland on 17 September. Read the story of Don Bolce about this mission. Gliders carrying medical staff, hq staff, communication units and a British Phantom unit are towed to Son by the 437th on the first day of the operation in two flights of 35 gliders. 53 made it to the drop zone, six where lost along the route and another six where shot down over the drop zone. The group tows more gliders into Holland on the next day. This time it is sheduled to take the northern route and doesn't encounter as much flak as it did on the first day.

    Interesting books about WWII Troop Carrier Command:

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    Don Bolce and George Montgomery

    Crew chief George Montgomery and Radio Operator Don Bolce.
    Click on the picture for a larger version.


    The C47 of Don Bolce's crew towing a C4 glider.


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