9th Army Airforce

9th Troop Carrier Command

Troop Carrier Command played a major role during the operation. Together with the RAF it dropped the paratroopers over the assigned targets, towed the gliders and flew through heavy flak to drop supplies for the airborne soldiers.

At Arnhem much of the supplies that where dropped got lost since the dropzones had been overrun on the third day of the operation and due to communication problems the British airborne troops hadn't been able to notify England of this fact.

The two American airborne divisions where also very much depending on the supplies that where brought by the troop carrier aircrafts and the gliders. Due to shortage in aircrafs and gliders the American divisions clouldn't bring much artillery and anti tank guns in the first lift so it was not only waiting for the British second army but also for the second and third lift in the following two days.

In order to give you an overview of the involvement of the 9th Troop Carrier Command during the war you will find the Troop Carrier Groups below that took part in operation Market Garden.

We are still working of a short history for every group from the moment of it's activation up to the Market Garden operation.

Interesting books about WWII Troop Carrier Command:

800 photos from market garden here in Dutch archives.

50th Troop Carrier Wing

439th Troop Carrier Group
   L4 - 91st Squadron | Charles Skidmore, Glider Pilot - D-day+1 | His market garden landing
   J8 - 92nd Squadron
   3B - 93rd Squadron
   D8 - 94th Squadron

440th Troop Carrier Group
   9X - 95th Squadron
   6Z - 96th Squadron
   W6 - 97th Squadron
   8Y - 98th Squadron

441st Troop Carrier Group
   3J - 99th Squadron
   6B - 100th Squadron | Clifford D. Kantz, pilot (D-day mission) | His war memories
   Z4 - 301st Squadron
   2L - 302nd Squadron

442nd Troop Carrier Group
   J7 - 303rd Squadron | Terrell Noffsinger, co-pilot (D-day mission)
   V4 - 304th Squadron
   4J - 305th Squadron
   7H - 306th Squadron

    Attached unit: 1061st Signal Company

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52nd Troop Carrier Wing

61st Troop Carrier Group
   3I - 14th Squadron
   Y9 - 15th Squadron
   3A - 53rd Squadron | Donald W Cox 61st TCG, 53rd TCS ; Market Garden
   X5 - 59th Squadron | Sgt.James G. Pope Jr.

313rd Troop Carrier Group
   5X - 29nd Squadron
   N3 - 47th Squadron
   Z7 - 48th Squadron
   H2 - 49th Squadron

314th Troop Carrier Group
   S2 - 32rd Squadron
   2R - 50th Squadron
   Q9 - 61st Squadron
   E5 - 62nd Squadron

315th Troop Carrier Group
   M6 - 309th Squadron | Eldon Sellers, pilot; Market Garden | Second Market Garden mission
   4A - 310th Squadron
   NM - 34th Squadron | T. Sgt. Buford Appleby
   UA - 43rd Squadron

316th Troop Carrier Group
   4C - 36th Squadron
   W7 - 37th Squadron
   6E - 44th Squadron
   T3 - 45th Squadron

53rd Troop Carrier Wing

434th Troop Carrier Group
   CJ - 71st Squadron Marvin Litke, pilot (D-day mission)

   CU - 72nd Squadron | The Market Garden experiences of Art Hopper | Philip Jacobs - Glider pilot
   CN - 73rd Squadron
   ID - 74th Squadron

435th Troop Carrier Group
   SH/CK - 75th Squadron
   CW - 76th Squadron
   IB - 77th Squadron
   CM - 78th Squadron

436th Troop Carrier Group
   S6 - 79th Squadron
   7D - 80th Squadron | Major C.L. Schmid
   U5 - 81st Squadron
   3D - 82nd Squadron

437th Troop Carrier Group
   T2 - 83rd Squadron
   Z8 - 84th Squadron
   90 - 85th Squadron | Don Bolce, Radio operator
   5K - 86th Squadron

438th Troop Carrier Group
   3X - 87th Squadron | Martin George Meier, Gliderpilot
   M2 - 88th Squadron
   4U - 89th Squadron
   Q7 - 90th Squadron

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Lt. John "Jack" Dorr

Gliderpilot standing next to his glider, "the flying coffin" on september 19, 1944. Prior to the landing in Holland. 436th TCG 79th squadron
Picture courtesy, Gary Beesley, his grandson.
Click on the picture to enlarge


c47s towing gliders

C47's from the 99th Squadron towing Waco gliders towards Holland.

Picture courtesy Lindsey Lewis


59th Squadron

The men of the 61st TCG pose in front of the X5, the aircraft that was commanded by LtCol. Marcus O. Owens Jr.
Picture courtesy, Bernie Semler, his farther is one of the mecanics in the picture, backrow, fifth from the left.
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