The 101st Airborne Division.

The Screaming Eagels where veterans of D-day. In Normandy the division had been scattered during the drop and it had taken several days before the majority of the men where in their own outfit.

In operation Market Garden the division was the first division that would link up with XXX-corps at Eindhoven. The divisions primary targets where the bridge across the Wilhelmschannel at Son, two smaller bridges across the Dommel at St. Oedenrode and four bridges across the Aa and Zouth Wilhelmsvaart in Veghel.

The 506th would land North-east of Son on DZ A. The 501st had to land between Schijndel and Best on DZ B. The 502nd would land east of the other regiments just above Best on DZ C. The 326th Engineer Battalion is divided over the three drop zones.

Elements of the 506th have to rush towards the bridge at Son right after the landing. The 502nd will be the reserve of the division but also needs to take St. Oederode and the two bridges there.

All in all 6.641 men of the 101st division would land in Holland on September 17th 1944.

Information requested Canadian soldiers
These Canadian Engineers stayed in Arnhem after the liberation of Holland at the Amsterdamseweg 44, where the stayed with Dutch civilans. Does anyone know any of these soldiers? Click here for more info.
Group of 101st soldiers in the restarea Reims after the Market Garden operation
Group of 101st soldiers in the restarea Reims after the Market Garden operation
C-47 Skytrain

These two troopcarrier aircrafts are on display at the Airborne museum "Wings of Liberation" near Best.
General Maxwell Taylor

The commander of the 101st Airborne Division.

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