The Airborne War Cemetery at Oosterbeek

The first Airborne division went into Arnhem with over eight thousand men. After several days of fighting only 2200 men could be pulled back across the river.
A number of men where take prisoner but many soldiers payed the ultimate price. 1.716 men are buried at the Oosterbeek cemetery.
The cemetery is located on the south side of Oosterbeek, not very far from the Hartenstein hotel which was General Urquhart's Headquarters during the battle.

The men buried at the cemetery are mainly from the 1st Airborne division. However the polish that lost their lives in their attempt to cross the river and reinforce the division are also buried here as well as the men from the Royal Air force that gave their live during the drop and the supply missions.

Oosterbeek (Airborne) War Cemetery
Van Limburg Stirumweg 38

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