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Much has been written about the airborne operation that took place in Holland in September 1944.

At that time the frontline had come to a halt near the Rhine. The supply lines where thin since the Allies weren't able to use any harbors apart from those they had captured in Normandy.
The operation was an attempt to break the front open get over the Rhine, through the Siegfried line into Germany before the Germans where able to get organized.
When the operation succeeded it would mean that the allies could capture the industrial heart of Germany and if all went well end the war in 1944.

On this website we will not try to provide you with an all-inclusive report about the battle that took place. We will try to give you an impression through the recollections of men and women that where involved in this battle. We will not focus only on the battle.

70th Commemoration of Market garden 1944-2014

You can find the info about the 2014 commemoration here. 800 photos from market garden here in Dutch archives.
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30rd Corps 1st Airborne Division 82nd Airborne Division 101st Airborne Division IX Troop Carrier Command

Veterans tell about the landings on September 17

  • Philip Jacobs | Glider pilot 72nd Troop Carrier Squadron
  • Phil Garey | 94th Bomb Group
  • Neville Ashley | 2nd Battalion
  • Eldon Sellers | 309th Troop Carrier Squadron
  • Robert M. Murphy | 505th Parachute Infantry Regiment
  • Howard Swartz | 505th Parachute Infantry Regiment
  • Dick Wolch | 508th Parachute Infantry Regiment
  • 1st Lt. Ed Jansen | 501st Parachute Infantry Regiment
  • Jack M. Yerkes | 501st Parachute Infantry Regiment
  • Gerald Paulk | 101st ABN Div. 501st PIR, 2nd Bn Co. D
  • Don Bolce | Radio operator 85th Troop Carrier Squadron, 437th TCG
  • Charles E. Skidmore | Glider pilot 91st Troop Carrier Squadron
  • Veteran stories of the Market Garden battle

  • Short history of the battle at Arnhem
  • Dick Wolch | 508th PIR, First contact with the enemy
  • Howard Swartz | 505th , Glider landing on Klein Amerika
  • Donald W Cox 61st TCG, 53rd TCS | Glider landing on 18th September
  • Dick Wolch | 508th PIR, Collecting supplies
  • Rudy Kos 325th GIR | Glider landing on 23rd September
  • Robert Murphy, 505th PIR Landing on the 17th and combat in later days.
  • Meldon Hurlbert, 307th Engineer Bn, 82nd Airborne Division Crossing the Waal River.
  • Frank E. Garland, 307th Engineer Bn, 82nd Airborne Division Crossing the Waal River.
  • Charles Hogan |907th GFA Bn. 101st ABN Div Glider landing on 18th September
  • Bob Salley | 326th Engineer Battalion | 101st Airborne Division Glider landing on 18th September
  • Kees Buijs (dutch citizen) | The liberation of Eindhoven

  • Great books about Operation Market Garden:

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    Clifford D. Krantz

    Pilot 100th Troop Carrier Squadron
    Neville Ashley
    Neville Ashley
    2nd Bn. 1st Airborne Division
    Dick Wolch

    508th PIR, 82nd Airborne Division

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