Market Garden 2014

In 2014 Operation Market Garden was commemorated with many events. You can find photos of several of these events here. Did you take photos at these events? Then please send an e-mail:

  • 12 - 22 September: The living history basecamp at Veghel, hundreds of vehicles and reenactors. Photos
  • Saturday 13 september. Para dropping from Dakota at Kilsdonkse molen in Veghel. Photos
  • Sunday 14 September. The south corridor route, Leopoldsbrug to Veghel. Photos
  • Wednesday 17 september. Commemoration at Oosterbeek memorial. Photos
  • Wednesday 17 september. Capture of the Bridge at Grave. Photos
  • Saturday 20 September. The mass para dropping at Ginkelse Heide. Photos
  • Saturday 20 September. The north corridor route from Veghel to Nijmegen.
  • Sunday 21 September. The crossing of the Waal river

Click here for photos of the parade on the Arnhem bridge 2004, the parachute dropping at Ginkel Heath and the commemoration for the Polish at Driel

A Scottish veteran is signing a Dutch flag with his name and unitOperation Market Garden is commemorated every year with a paradrop on the dropzone of the Kings own Scottish Borderes at Ginkel Heath.
A few thousand people attended this commemoration in 2003. Smaller commemorations where held in several cities and towns along the corridor.

In 1994 at the 50th Anniversary of operation Market Garden the commemoration was an national happening. A large collection of original vehicles (including 5 Sherman tanks) took the original route from belgium to Nijmegen with people cheering them on all along the way.

Para's dropped at the Ginkel Heath near Renkum as well as on Klein Amerika near Groesbeek.
Original aircrafts flew over the corridor on the 17th of december.

Photos of the 2014 commemorations:

Grave 1994

A DUWK crossing the Grave bridge in 1994. A British veteran is waving at the people along the route.
Traffic jam on Grave bridge 1994

Lord P. Carrington was a tank commander in 1944 and was in command of the first tanks that crossed the Waal bridge in Nijmegen after the 504th PIR had crossed the Waal in small rafts and had assaulted the bridge from both ends. Lord Carrington is entering the Liberation Museum in Groesbeek for one of the commemorations.

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